Mx3 Barcelona

Off-the-record Conversations with Leaders, Innovators and Mavericks in Media

RBA, Roc Boronat Building, Av. Diagonal, 189, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

12-13 March 2024

To all media and media-tech mavericks and trailblazers shaping the future of specialist media: Mx3 Barcelona is a gathering dedicated to business leaders just like you!

Mx3 Barcelona is an in-person, non-traditional summit with a high premium on off-the-record, interactive thought-leader conversations, deep learning, connection, and relationship-building. It exists for the creators, publishers, and technologists at the forefront of empowering media for defined communities.

There will be no slide presentations. Just A-list speakers and global attendees participating freely through highly interactive off-the-record stage conversations and leadership round tables, discussing content, communities, monetisation, AI and more. There will be a limit on attendee numbers, creating an intimate environment with many informal opportunities to connect and build strong industry relationships.

Speakers so far confirmed are from companies such as Morning Brew, Industry Dive, Vox Media and Her Campus Media (all USA), RBA and Spainmedia (both Spain), Financial Times & FT Strategies, Future, B2B Marketing/Propolis (UK), Boom Saloon (UK and Malaysia), Berlin Consulting and Deutsche Welle (Germany), Ringier (Switzerland), Agri Media (The Netherlands) and Splice Media (Singapore).

Brought to you by Media Makers Meet (Mx3), the team behind the FIPP World Media Congress and Mx3 Berlin, Mx3 Barcelona will take place on 12 and 13 March 2024 at RBA Revistas in the city.

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From the dawn of mankind, humans have been naturally drawn to like-minded souls, with the Internet cranking that up to eleven!  We all crave connection and a sense of belonging and gravitate towards communities catering to our special interests and needs.

Fast forward to now, and audiences are splintering at scale into numerous interest-based communities - from super-specific niches to large fan-based verticals. It is a vibrant ecosystem set to be further enhanced through AI in another technological sea change.

It is an environment made for specialist media – that is, media targeting well-defined enthusiast and professional communities of interest – creating diverse opportunities like never before. From indie creators running their newsletters, podcasts and video channels to multinational, multiplatform giants, they all have one goal: serving and monetising communities.

It’s no surprise that walls are coming down::

  • Look at The New York Times investing in media verticals, for example, snagging The Athletic to woo sports fans for $550M.
  • Consumer media are dabbling in B2B, for example, Vogue, with its launch of Vogue Business. 
  • The lines between B2B and consumer marketing are blurring, providing services previously thought to be the domain of either one or the other.

In short, it is a mashup of opportunities - one of the most exciting sectors in media overall - with Mx3 Barcelona bringing it all together in one vibrant place!

"Thanks again for the event - we loved it. We want to partake in panels in the future and host them as well. Please keep us in mind!" 

Senior leader at FT Strategies, UK, after attending our first Mx3 summit on innovation in special media in Berlin, Germany, in October 2022.

Welcome to Mx3 Barcelona!


Mx3 Barcelona emphasises open conversations, special opportunities to connect, and an all-around experience that enhances learning, networking and, just as importantly, enjoyment.


The event schedule includes:

  • Off-the-record fireside chats with worldwide speakers
  • Round table discussions around key topics driving the industry
  • On- and off-site networking opportunities, including an informal networking dinner

A premium on “connectedness”

We limit the audience of our Mx3 events to a maximum of 200 people to ensure an intimate environment with easy conversation and an informal atmosphere. It’s:

  • OUT with the large-scale event where no one knows your name; and
  • IN with a tight-knit event nurturing deep connection and conversation.

Dates and times

Mx3 Barcelona registration opens at 10 am on 12 March 2024, and we finish at 2 pm on 13 March. Aside from our informal middle-night dinner, we will have a post-event social get-together in the afternoon of 13 March for those staying longer in Barcelona.

Add-on experiences

Aside from helping with flight and hotel bookings, our travel partner Savile Row Travel will offer add-on cultural experiences, including visits to Barcelona cultural landmarks, city hot spots, as well as gastro-tours taking in the best of Catalonia and Spanish cuisine - just go easy on the Rioja!

Mx3 Barcelona venue:

We are hosting Mx3 Barcelona at RBA Revistas at Roc Boronat Building, Av. Diagonal, 189, 08018 Barcelona, Spain, less than half an hour from Barcelona Airport by taxi. 

There are several 3- to 5-star hotels near the venue, and our colleagues at Savile Row Travel ( can help you find the hotel best suited for your preferences and budget.


Attendees of our previous Mx3 summit in Berlin in October 2022 loved the event! Here is some of the feedback we received.

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