Mx3 Barcelona

Off-the-record Conversations with Leaders, Innovators and Mavericks in Media

RBA, Roc Boronat Building, Av. Diagonal, 189, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

12-13 March 2024

Mx3 Barcelona is uniquely designed, emphasising peer-to-peer connections and conversations among participants. It is down-to-earth, creating an enjoyable atmosphere where everyone is an equal partner working towards success.

Our media audience comprises decision-makers focused on the highly lucrative specialist media sector: independent creators and consumer and B2B media organisations developing products and services for well-defined enthusiasts and professional communities.

Engage and contribute

Mx3 Barcelona encourages meaningful and serendipitous exchanges, regardless of your market segment. It is about much more than sponsors occupying stands in exhibition areas during program breaks, hoping to find someone to talk to.

It is about partners with insights and innovations who contribute to the sector and engage counterparts in conversations that enhance their overall event experience and the value they derive from attending.

Share the journey

Partnering with Mx3 Barcelona is not limited to a two-day in-person affair. It's a comprehensive campaign with activities before attendees head to the event and opportunities to continue conversations beyond the in-person event's conclusion.

It is about becoming and being part of an “insider” community on a shared journey into the future.

Customise your experience

We offer multiple creative partnership opportunities for you to customise your experience, creating chances to engage and build camaraderie with other attendees.

We seek the finest blend of technology and related partners to enrich the event and genuinely benefit our media producer attendees.

Get in touch with us

Contact John Schlaefli at to tailor your Mx3 Barcelona experience and to become part of our Mx3 Huddles consulting concept