Address challenges, explore solutions, and seize new opportunities!

Our Huddles partners are attending FIPP World Media Congress with one goal: to help you overcome challenges and exploit opportunities. They will offer a unique chance to brainstorm challenges, provide a sounding board for future opportunities, and empower idea generation.

Huddles partners include leading advisories and consultants and pioneering technologists and solutions providers. All of them have unique areas of expertise, allowing you to choose who you want to meet to address particular needs within your own business.

Below is a list of Huddles partners so far confirmed, with more to be added in these weeks leading up to Congress.

You can now book a huddle with one of our experts thought our Congress app - Conversation Starter.

André Parreira<br>CEO<br>InsurAds

André Parreira

Talk to André Tomás Parreira, CEO, InsurAds, about how InsurAds powers brand new revenue streams for publishers with its unique Time and Attention Management Platform and discover the Sub$ponsor Opportunity, a solution to recycle advertising revenue into reader revenue by sponsoring subscriptions.

Cristina Prat<br>SVP of Business Development<br>InsurAds

Cristina Prat
SVP of Business Development

Speak to Cristina about how InsurAds powers brand new revenue streams for publishers with its unique Time and Attention Management Platform and discover the Sub$ponsor Opportunity, a solution to recycle advertising revenue into reader revenue by sponsoring subscriptions. Cristina currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Business Development in North America and the UK at InsurAds.

Daniel Heffernan<br>VP and Chief Product Manager<br>AdvantageCS

Daniel Heffernan
VP and Chief Product Manager

Talk to Daniel Heffernan about streamlining your media operations with a single, powerful solution. Daniel is Vice President & Chief Product Manager of AdvantageCS whose software platform - Advantage - helps media brands  grow revenue, boost customer loyalty, and unlock new markets. The Advantage platform encompasses subscriptions, memberships, orders, and everything else a media brand needs to operate optimally. 

Gabriela Caribé <br>Senior Sales Manager, Europe<br>Evessio

Gabriela Caribé
Senior Sales Manager, Europe

Meet Gabriela Caribé for a personalized demo of Evessio, the multi-award-winning event management software for awards and conferences. Trusted by top brands, it offers an end-to-end solution for managing awards and conferences in one place. Features include a branded event website, content management, seamless awards management, and conference capabilities. Evessio's onboarding, training, and support, combined with innovative technology, make it the top choice for revolutionizing awards and conferences. 

Jan Thoresen and Jon Reidar Hammerfjeld<br>CEO and Founder<br>Labrador CMS

Jan Thoresen and Jon Reidar Hammerfjeld
CEO and Founder
Labrador CMS

Talk to Jan Thoresen and Jon Reidar Hammerfjeld about why 100 publishers from 12 counties are cooperating on a tech platform for publishing while being competitors on content. Jan is CEO and Jon is Founder of Labrador CMS which has been created solely for media brands and publishers, with a special focus on helping them grow and expand faster.

Jonny Kaldor<br>Co-founder and CEO<br>Pugpig

Jonny Kaldor
Co-founder and CEO

Talk to Jonny about all things mobile publishing. Jonny can help you navigate your mobile engagement strategy and demonstrate how apps can significantly drive up your subscriber value, while not costing the earth. He can also show you how Pugpig is already doing this for some of the biggest brands in publishing. Previously CTO at News UK and CPTO at Newscorp's Digital Media Division, Jonny is co-founder and CEO of Pugpig, the mobile publishing platform.

Lucky Gunasekara<br>CEO and Co-founder<br>

Lucky Gunasekara
CEO and Co-founder

Talk to Lucky Gunasekara, the cofounder and head of (an AI lab focused on new AI models for search, personalization, ads and multimedia content generation) about what they’re building right now with partners around the world. Their core AI service, Answers, has been able to double signups and subs for partners, while adding new ad revenue streams, so Lucky is happy to have a chat about what you’re building and share advice on building with private and open source AI models.

Michelle Myers<br>CRO<br>Wright's Media

Michelle Myers
Wright's Media

If you are a Publisher who wants to drive another revenue stream, talk with Michelle Myers about content licensing. Wright’s Media (the largest, global, full-service content licensing agency) partners with publishers worldwide to license content such as accolades/awards, commerce content, rights and permissions, and e-prints/reprints. As their current CRO, Michelle is a former Publisher and an expert in helping consult with their partners on developing successful licensing programs.

Eileen le Muet<br>VP International<br>FIGARO GROUP

Eileen le Muet
VP International

Looking for new streams of revenues coming from lifestyle brands? Come and talk to Eileen about the media brands Madame Figaro, Gala and F Magazine. New media brands licencing opportunities be it print, TikTok/video or events will be presented: backed up by strong experience and engagement with top luxury French but also international brands as well as intelligence in the fashion industry; here is an opportunity to trigger unique avenues for readership and commercial revenues on your respective market.

Trevor Carroll<br>Vice President, Content Partnerships<br>PressReader

Trevor Carroll
Vice President, Content Partnerships

Talk to Trevor Carroll about how PressReader’s global network across travel, tourism, libraries, and education can drive discoverability and revenue for content creators, whilst using its technology to build the most powerful digital edition products. Trevor has successfully brokered deals with major media companies worldwide and leads PressReader's Content Group, facilitating global distribution and revenue partnerships.