Congress brings together senior-level decision-makers who attend the event to gather insights, network with international colleagues, and do deals. In June 2023, attendees from 43 countries participated in Congress. They attend Congress for:

Networking Opportunities:

  • Meet worldwide colleagues, build relationships and do business.
  • Expand your professional network by connecting with industry peers from across the globe.
  • Forge valuable partnerships and collaborations that can lead to new business opportunities.

Knowledge Enhancement:

  • Get exposure to new ideas, innovation, and emerging trends.
  • Benchmark your business against insights delivered by industry experts.
  • Gain competitive advantages by staying informed about the latest developments, best practices, and the future.

Mindful Reflection:

  • Take time out of the office to think about your business in sublime surroundings.
  • Recharge your creativity and problem-solving abilities in a stress-free environment.

Serendipitous Conversation:

  • Immerse yourself in a conducive environment for reflection and serendipitous conversations.