Mx3 Barcelona

Off-the-record Conversations with Leaders, Innovators and Mavericks in Media

RBA, Roc Boronat Building, Av. Diagonal, 189, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

12-13 March 2024

Mx3 Barcelona goes beyond the ordinary – with its limit on audience numbers, it provides an intimate, immersive gathering designed around our need for connecting and building professional communities.

Peer-to-peer exchange

At Mx3 Barcelona, knowledge isn't just shared; it's exchanged in an environment made for peer-to-peer interaction and conversations. There are no slides, only on-stage conversations with the audience invited in as active participants.

You will be part of mould-breaking, often serendipitous conversations. Whether as part of a round table, around a coffee station, on the RBA Revistas terrace, leading off the main Mx3 Barcelona venue, at our informal social on the middle night of the event (social venue to be announced!), or walks through the city. All part of the Mx3 Barcelona experience.

No labels, airs and graces

Mx3 Barcelona is about inclusivity and interactivity. Titles and labels fade away, leaving room for true peer-to-peer interactions. Attendees engage with peers, thought leaders, and visionaries on equal footing, fostering connections based on authenticity and shared passions.

We encourage business and enjoyment by infusing every moment with high energy and a down-to-earth vibe. You will be part of an environment where creativity flourishes. You will be thrilled by exploring conventional and unconventional ideas, all in an atmosphere that invigorates the spirit and mind.

Bonded in success

And the best part? The potential for transformative partnerships and collaborations is limitless. Forge connections beyond the event's timeline, turning shared moments into strategic alliances, cross-industry ventures, and lasting friendships.

Mx3 Barcelona is your opportunity to create connections and bonds for ongoing business success.

Off-site peer-to-peer socialising in a Berlin market hall – Mx3 Berlin 2022

RBA Revistas outdoor networking terrace leading off the main auditorium